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Christmas is for children Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation - Monday, December 06, 2010

THUNDER BAY, ON  -------    December  6, 2010    ----   “When it comes to our children, the absolute Mom Dawn Nitz holds baby Jaxon while dad Mike hangs a star on the Grant Christmas Tree at the Health Sciences Centre.  Each star represents a donation in support of care for patients like Jaxon.  best healthcare is a must,” says Glenn Craig, President & CEO, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation.  “This Christmas season, your donation makes that possible.”  The Health Sciences Foundation is encouraging the people of Northwestern Ontario to support the care that saves the lives of babies and children year round.

Last year, 1,580 babies took their very first breath at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.  Of them, 394 needed the specialized care provided in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

“Donations are crucial to the care of babies and children,” says Nancy Persichino, Director, Maternal Newborn at the Health Sciences Centre. “Donor support ensures that we can replace aging equipment and purchase new, leading-edge technologies so that we can continue to provide our children with world-class care.” Lake Superior News 

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Community Arts & Heritage Education Project’s Art Cards for 2010 - Monday, December 06, 2010

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  December 6, 2010   -----   Every year, local non-profit arts education Community Arts & Heritage Education Project (CAHEP) organization, Community Arts & Heritage Education Project (CAHEP) produces a series of art cards to be used as a fundraiser.  All of the proceeds from our card sales are put directly back into providing accessible, quality arts education programming for the schools and community of Thunder Bay.  The artwork on these has been created by learners participating in CAHEP’s programming.

CAHEP empowers children and youth in the community of Thunder Bay by creating and implementing accessible, multi-disciplinary arts and heritage programming and resources.  Through this, people will discover the joy of arts and heritage within their own lives and create a legacy by fostering a commitment to culture. Lake Superior News 

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Coast Guard begins ice breaking operations in western Great Lakes - Monday, December 06, 2010

SAULT SAINTE MARIE, Mich. –   December 6, 2010   ----  The U.S. Coast Guard commenced Operation Cutter Katmai BayTaconite this afternoon in response to colder temperatures and the resultant ice growth in the western Great Lakes region.

Operation Taconite is the Coast Guard’s largest domestic icebreaking operation, encompassing Lake Superior, St. Mary’s River, the Straits of Mackinac, and northern Lake Huron. 

As a result of the operation, certain waterways may close once due consideration is given to the protection of the marine environment, waterway improvements, aids to navigation, the need for cross-channel traffic (e.g. ferries), the availability of icebreakers, and the safety of the island residents, who in the course of their daily business use naturally formed ice bridges for transportation to and from the mainland. Lake Superior News

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The Wikileaks Scandal Where Do You Draw the Line? - Sunday, December 05, 2010


THUNDER BAY, ON   -------   December 5, 2010  ---   All right, so it has been formally confirmed that Julian AssangePrince Andrew is a buffoon. What else is new? Quite a bit actually, and all of it is quite, quite scary.

Once the Wikileak and Guardian (q.v.) stories drawn from an immense cache of (ahem) secret American diplomatic messages were released, I knew that this was a subject that was going to require a reasonably deep analysis. For the past several years, people have been speculating on the subject of what 'new media' was going to look and feel like – such fabric ranged from kitten-soft woolies to a corduroy impossibly charged with enough static electricity to light the New York Times Building for a year.

Who was going to win out? The old media companies like the NY Times? The newer, gauche, arriviste typed like the septuagenarian Rupert Murdoch? Maybe sexy-looking and saucy web concoctions like Slate or Salon?  Lake Superior News 

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Looking back at 2010, tells us much about 2011 for NWO - Sunday, December 05, 2010

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----  December 5, 2010   ---  ‘Tis the Mike Shusterman.season for reflection, with the calendar quickly counting off the remaining days until the end of 2010. It is therefore, an appropriate time for us northerners to look back over the past to gauge where we are heading for 2011.

We can agree that we started off 2010 with not a lot of anticipation of good news. A number of mills across the region had recently closed with no signs of positive news approaching to get us back to any sense of prosperity.

I can think of many sad stories that were associated with almost every town. It was a sad visit to these towns as they struggled with continuing unheard levels of unemployment. Many of our workers headed out west yet some came back, learning that the grass isn’t always greener. Families were unfortunately separated with the shift in employment opportunities. Lake Superior News  Mike Shusterman 

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Watch Inaugural Meeting of Council Live streamed - Sunday, December 05, 2010

 THUNDER BAY, ON   ----   December 5, 2010 – The City of Thunder Bay will be video streaming City Council and Council’s Committee of the Whole meetings, starting with the Inaugural Meeting of Council on Monday, Dec. 6.

"By video streaming meetings and public events, Council agreed we would dramatically widen access to information and improve accessibility for interested people who cannot attend in person," said John Hannam, City Clerk. Lake Superior News 

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Hep C Support Public Health Nurse Speaker - Monday, November 29, 2010

 THUNDER BAY, ON  ---- November 29, 2010 The next Hepatitis C Education Support Group meeting Hepatitis Cwill take place 11 a.m. (EST) December 8th at 574 Memorial Avenue.

Guest speaker Darlene Desmoulin-Lewis will give an overview of Hepatitis C. She’s a Public Health Nurse in the Infectious Disease Program at the Thunder Bay District Health Unit.

If you live in the region and want to participate, please call us at 1-800-488-5840, ext. 31. You can join the group via videoconference, using the Ontario Telemedicine Network. Lake Superior News

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Nipigon Modern Paddle-to-the-Sea canoe to New Zealand - Monday, November 29, 2010

THUNDER BAY, ON ------  November 29th, 2010  ------ When Treydon Turner- Brien helped to carve his Nipigon Paddle-to-the-Sea canoe Paddle-to-the-Sea canoe as part of Nipigon’s Centennial Celebrations in July of 2009, it was hoped that it would someday reach the Atlantic Ocean. After an amazing journey, Treydon’s Paddler has gone much further than the original Paddle-to-the-Sea from the classic children’s book by Holling C. Holling. The little canoe is about to be released into the salt waters of the South Pacific Ocean off of the coast of New Zealand.

The boat was carved by 3 year old Treydon, with the help of his grandfather Joe Turner, just before his family moved to Alberta. Treydon’s family knew they would be moving, and the kids wanted to be part of Nipigon’s story before leaving.

A stormy day in Pukaskwa National Park
Earlier this month, a kayaker in Pukaskwa National Park found himself stranded at the mouth of the Willow River in a storm. He saw Treydon’s Paddler bobbing by the shore and went closer for a look. Somehow, Paddle had managed to travel more than 180km from Nipigon Bay to Pukaskwa. After reading the message on the boat, and showing Treydon’s Paddle to Parks Canada staff working at the Pukaskwa Tourism Information Centre, he decided to carry Paddle on to Wawa. Lake Superior News 

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Copyright and the Right to Copy - Sunday, November 28, 2010

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  November 28, 2010  ----   For curiousity's sake, I wonder how many readers know what legislative language actually looks like. In relation to the government's Bill C32, amending the Copyright Act, the following is how Parliament describes what you or I know as “a band putting out a CD”:

It is for this reason that no Canadian Member of Parliament will never, ever be seen on stage doing a guest shot with the Tragically Hip.

That was a fairly cheap joke taken at a serious issue, but Copyright Law is dry enough to turn an ocean into a beach, so one must squeeze in the entertainment where one can. This week, a Murderer's Row of Canadian writers from Atwood to Yann Martel signed a letter printed as an ad in the Usual Prominent Dailies protesting C32. So what's the beef? Lake Superior News

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Bell Canada failing First Nation customers - Thursday, November 25, 2010

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  November 25, 2010  ----    Hundreds of First Nations telephone customers Anishinabek Deputy Grand Chief Glen Hareacross Ontario are complaining about service providers failing to follow government direction to refund the provincial sales tax portion of the Harmonized Sales Tax.

“They don’t have any problem finding the cheques we send them to deposit in their big corporate bank account,” said Anishinabek Deputy Grand Chief Glen Hare. “But they seem to misplace our citizens’ requests for their lawful refund of the 8 per cent PST that is still on their telephone bills.”

Hare said he had heard horror stories from homeowners in the 40 Anishinabek Nation communities across Ontario who have spent hours on the phone trying to have Bell Canada, one of Canada’s largest corporations, delete the PST from monthly phone, internet and satellite bills   Lake Superior News 

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Back to the Glory Days - Wednesday, November 24, 2010

THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  November 24, 2010  ---- Thirty-two years ago Consortium Aurora Borealis Robert Van Wyckbegan its first concert series in Thunder Bay. Then the young and energetic Elizabeth Ganiatsos was a music history teacher working out of the infamous Black Shack at L.U’s campus. Her passion then and now is the performance of early music, especially that from the Elizabeth the 1st of England.

It was easy for her to recruit students and musicians from the university to help her produce these concerts and many of her history students found themselves on stage at one time or another. As the season’s progressed the group began to perform in period dress. Elizabeth would scour the fashion journals of the era and over a period of years managed to costume the entire troop. It was all part of the show, no matter that the bloomers would not stay up. The addition of costumes and dancers to the productions added a visual element to her concerts and the largely amateur musicians did an admirable job they too relied on the visual element to help make the concert a success. Lake Superior News

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Because we Care - Wednesday, November 24, 2010

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  November 23, 2010   ---Today, the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Rhonda Crocker EllacottFoundation is celebrating another successful year of Family CARE Grants.  Family CARE (Care Advancements Recommended by Employees) Grants were created as a way to provide Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre employees with an opportunity to steer patient care initiatives. 

Last year’s Family CARE Grants funded initiatives such as pagers for visually and auditory impaired patients in the Emergency Department, fitness programs for cancer patients, and an exercise bike, step machine and MP3 players in Adult Mental Health. “Because last year’s grant cycle was so successful, we increased the funding by $10,000 this year, providing $30,000 towards initiatives recommended by the Health Sciences Centre family,” says Glenn Craig, President and CEO of the Health Sciences Foundation.  Lake Superior News 

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Coast Guard Cutter Morro Bay heads to Great Lakes - Wednesday, November 24, 2010


 NEW YORK --   November 24, 2010  ---   A Connecticut-based Coast Guard cutter is scheduled to Cutter Morro Baydeploy to the Great Lakes Nov. 29, 2010, to assist in the service's icebreaking mission there throughout the winter months.

The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Morro Bay, an 140-foot icebreaking tug, will arrive in the Great Lakes region a few weeks after it departs its homeport of New London, Conn.

While there, the crew will assist those of other Coast Guard icebreakers during Operations Coal Shovel and Taconite, the largest domestic ice breaking operations in the country. The Coast Guard conducts domestic ice breaking to aid in search and rescue and other emergency operations, mitigate flooding, and to meet the reasonable demands of commerce.
Ice breaking on the Great Lakes is vital to keeping shipping lanes open. Large quantities of steel, coal, heating oil and grain ships throughout the region, and Coast Guard ice breaking services enable these shippers to transport an average of $2 billion worth of cargo each year.  Lake Superior News 

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National award recognizes Minnesota as ‘Best Trails State’ - Wednesday, November 24, 2010

DULUTH, MN -----  November 24, 2010  ---   Minnesota has been named “Best Trails State” in the Minnesota Award winning Trailscountry. The award, presented to Minnesota by American Trails, recognizes a state which is facilitating an outstanding statewide system of trails.
The announcement comes on the heels of Minneapolis being named the #1 bicycling city in the U.S. (Bicycling Magazine, May 2010) and Minnesota being ranked the fourth most “bicycle friendly” state in the country (League of American Cyclists, May 2010).  Lake Superior News 

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Big Fat Lazy Kids - Wednesday, November 24, 2010

THUNDER BAY, ON   ------   November 24, 2010  ------  Childhood Obesity media messages continue to mislead our public to support special interest and very persuasive ad campaigns. This piece of writing is focused on the media, the weight loss industry and the concept of prevention. The lifestyle tool appears to be a very big tool used to scheme over to and slide into blame. Our media and food industries have been blaming TV’s and couches for years and years. We, as a society have been standing by and watching our children get bullied, due to obesity and we are all shocked when we see young girls nearly starving themselves to death, in the hope of emulating the Hollywood image. The media continues to promote an image of woman to be extremely thin often wearing a bikini, with a perfect body.  Lake Superior News 

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Thunder Bay District Stewardship Council Open House - Tuesday, November 23, 2010

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  November 23, 2010 --- The Thunder Bay District Stewardship Council invites Thunder Bay District Stewardship Councilmembers of the public and potential volunteers to its Annual General Meeting and open house on Wednesday, November 24, from 7 pm to 9 pm, at the Oliver Road Community Centre.



 The stewardship council promotes the establishment of healthy, productive and self-sustaining ecosystems through partnerships, community participation and education. Some of the council’s key projects from 2010 Lake Superior News  


Interested in helping to enhance our city’s natural environment? Want to learn more about your local stewardship council?

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Civic Pride Awards - Tuesday, November 23, 2010

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---------November 22, 2010 – City Council presented the 3rd Annual Clean, Green Landale Gardens& Beautiful Awards, the Thunder Bay Green Giant Award and officially recognized the winners of the Civic Beautification and the Best Block Awards at the Committee of the Whole Meeting Monday.

Clean, Green & Beautiful
The Clean, Green & Beautiful Awards celebrate businesses and organizations who are improving the physical environment and the quality of life in our city. These awards recognize building and renovation projects that enrich the life of the community through public art, beautification, heritage and environmental greening.

"A clean, green & beautiful Thunder Bay depends on the pride of residents of all ages, businesses, and property owners," says Mayor Lynn Peterson, who chairs the Clean Green and Beautiful Committee. "Our winners are examples to us all and ambassadors of pride in our community.”  Lake Superior News 

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HOPE AND HEALING - Monday, November 22, 2010

THUNDER BAY, ON  ------ November 22, 2010  ----  A new support group is offering hope and healing to Hospice Northwestpeople dealing with the loss of a loved one.

The closed Grief Support Group is a partnership between the Alzheimer Society of Thunder Bay and Hospice Northwest.

“The pilot project was a way to pool resources of two organizations, to best serve the needs of our clients,” says Joan Williams, Executive Director of Hospice Northwest.
The project was such a success, the two organizations plan to continue the partnership
by offering the Grief Support Group again early next year. Lake Superior News 

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School Closures - Monday, November 22, 2010

THUNDER BAY, ON,   --- November 22, 2010,  Starting today Lake Superior news is providing school closures information from Lakehead Public Schools, Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board and Ecole Franco Superieur and Ecole secondaire de La Verendrye)

Just click on the School Bus located on the left side of the home page.



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Fort William First Nation Boundary Claim Settlement - Sunday, November 21, 2010

THUNDER BAY, ON   ---   November 21, 2010   -----  Canada and Ontario have made an offer to settle Flatland and Pie Islandthe Fort William First Nation Boundary Claim. The proposed settlement includes approximately $154 million in total financial compensation and the transfer of provincial Crown lands on two islands located in Lake Superior, Flatland Island and Pie Island, to Canada to be set apart as reserve for the Fort William First Nation. The Chief and Council of the First Nation have agreed to take this settlement offer to community members for a vote.

"Today, we are taking a decisive step forward towards the resolution of a longstanding claim," said the Honourable John Duncan, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and Federal Interlocutor for Métis and Non-Status Indians. "It is clear that working in partnership we can find common solutions that will deliver real results for the Fort William First Nation, create economic initiatives for northwestern Ontario and balance the interests of all Canadians."  Lake Superior News 

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Run Bambi Run - Sunday, November 21, 2010

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----  November 21, 2010  ---Lawrencia Bembenek, former waitress at the Columbia Grill on May Street across from the Royal Edward Hotel died in Portland, Oregon Saturday. She had been admitted to a hospital in recent days and then was transferred to a hospice. Her health problems included hepatitis C and liver and kidney failure. Right to the end she continued to state her innocence

The Columbia Grill at the time was a place for Senior Police office to go for their coffee break as it was a short walk from the Donal Street Police Station which is now the Thunder Bay Museum.

The extradition hearings took place in the DaVinci Centre in one of the basement rooms.  Everyone who dealt with her had nice things to say about her.  People watching her walk in and out of the hearing rooms would comment that she does not look like a Play Boy Bunny.

The prison escape of former Playboy Club bunny and Milwaukee police officer Laurie "Bambi" Bembenek popularized the phrase "Run Bambi Run" and seemed tailor-made for the TV movie it inspired.  Lake Superior News Crime 

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Canadian Pacific Holiday Train - Thursday, November 18, 2010

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  November 18, 2010  ----  The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train hits the rails CP Holiday Trainagain in November, visiting over 140 communities across our network. 

Since the program's inception back in 1999, more than 4.8 million in cash and over 2.3 million pounds of food has been collected in Canada and the United States.

•         This is the 12th year for one of North America's most unique and perhaps longest running corporate food bank fundraisers of its kind and food banks are telling us that the need is as acute as ever. Lake Superior News   read more.....>

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